Tune book for Ensembles 2 - files uploaded to the student web


Hi everyone who has bought Tune Book for Ensembles 2.
The sound files and sheet music files for the book are now uploaded to the student web. One or two are still missing, but within a few weeks they will all be available. I hope they will come to good use, and I wish you all a great September.

Best wishes,

Marin/Marin US TOUR 2016


The 2016 US tour is coming together nicely. Hope to see you somewhere!


MarinMarin US tour plan 2016 web

The new tune book in the "Ensemble series" is here


It's now possible to order the new tune book, "Tune Book for Ensembles 2" here at the website. Read more under the menu "Webshop - Music Transripts".
24 tunes with arrangements.

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Marin/Marin - USA TOUR OCT 2015!


It's time to go to USA with the duo again, in October 2015. We're really looking forward to this, and are planning to try out our new repertoire on the Americans. A new album will be released in 2016. If everything goes the way we're planning, there will be a partially Belgian picture on the cover... but we'll see. A layout has a life of its own, and sometimes takes you in new directions before it's finnished. :-)

MarinMarin US tour plan 2015 v2 kopia

Summer is here!


This summer will be filled with rehearsals for different projects (among others: "Jazz, Folk & Fjäll", Marin/Marin/Reid/Svensson and Lena Willemark's "Blåferdi"), and I will also try to finnish the second book in the Tune Book for Ensembles series! It has been half done for quite a while, but I've been working like crazy and haven't had time to finnish it. Now I'm hoping that I'll make it happen this summer. I've also started a solo project that I'm really excited about! I won't describe it yet, but it will be happening during 2016 and 2017.
I wish you all a wonderful spring and summer! (We finally have some nice weather now! Today was the first time I could wear shorts and T-shirt for my dog walk. Lovely!)

Best wishes,

Malungs folkhögskola på tapeten!


I April blev jag anställd som lärare på Malungs Folkhögskola! Tjänsten är på 50%, och det innebär att jag skär ner på min verksamhet i privatundervisning och på danshögskolan. Jag är taggad och full av inspiration inför höstterminen!

Ses vi i Malung kanske?

Nytt år och nya utmaningar


Hej på er,
Det har varit mycket på jobbfronten och jag har inte hunnit uppdatera hemsidan på ett tag. Nu ska jag äntligen uppdatera med konsertdatum, nya bilder på fotografsidan och annat under dagarna framöver. Några av förra årets höjdpunkter var att få jobba med Mats Ek på Dramaten, att jobba med Lena Willemark i hennes verk "Blåferdi", att turnéra med Unni Boksasp Ensemble och att göra en dansföreställning med folklig menuett tillsammans med Mikael Marin, Petra Eriksson och Anton Schneider. Under 2015 kommer jag att fortsätta spela med Marin/Marin, NID, MP3 och Menuettföreställningen, jobba mer än förut på Danshögskolan tillsammans med Andreas Berchtold, spela in några skivor (bl.a. med Lena Willemark, Tina Quartey, Leo Sander, Livet Nord och MP3). Turnéer i Sverige, Norge, Belgien, Estland, USA och kanske Chile står på programmet. Marin/Marin håller på att göra en barnföreställning som ska ut på turné med Musik i Sörmland i höst. m.m. m.m.

Hoppas vi ses någonstans i vimlet!

On tour with Unni Boksasp Ensemble, Trio version


Sitting in a hotel at Notodden, Norway, relaxing after intense rehearsal days anc concerts with Unni Boksasp Ensemble. 20 (for me brand new) tunes rehearsed for a tour which began in Voss on april 29th. Lovely to play with new people and to travel in beautiful Norway in the spring, with warm sun and sparkling snow-capped mountains in the background. Tonight, concert in Vinje, tomorrow Kongsberg and Tinn on Saturday. Welcome! More info here: http://www.boksasp.no/#/home

Working with Mats Ek at Dramaten!


Marin/Marin and Leo Svensson Sander have been working for a while with the music for Mats Ek's version of Utvandrarna at Dramaten in Stockholm. Today we did our last day of recording in the studio. It has been fun working with Mats Ek and Niko Röhlke, and it will be great to see the play with Rolf Lassgård, Stina Ekblad a.o. All the tickets are already sold for most of the upcoming shows, but it will be playing until 2015, so there may still be a chance!

Skarmavbild 2014-02-20 kl. 13.44.19Skarmavbild 2014-02-20 kl. 13.44.43

Manifest Award to UBB's new album!


At the Manifest Awards Gala yesterday, we won the award for Folkmusic Album of the Year with our album Kärlekssånger!