NID - Three musicians - One timing

With an extraordinary synergy that has amazed the audience as well as the critics throughout the years, the nid 08traditional Swedish folk trio NID draws the listener into it's rich and colourful music. The main focus is on the melody and all the exciting possibilities that can arise from it. The trio plays traditional Swedish music and their own compositions, as well as Norwegian and American tunes. 

NID formed in 2002 in Stockholm. The members are all experienced musicians and teachers who tour with many different bands and projects. 

In 2006, they released their first album "[ni:d]" which was warmly recieved by both reviewers and audiences. In the autumn of 2011 they recorded the single "SINGULAR" which was released at Linköpigsfestivalen in october 2012. A second full lenght album was recorded in the spring of 2013, and Homecoming Queen saw the light of day in October.

NID are:

Hanna Wiskari Griffiths - saxophones
Petter Berndalen - percussion
Mia Marine - five string fiddle

Contact or further information:
email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or phone Hanna at: + 46 70 4976271


"NID is one of the most innovative and important groups within swedish traditional music of today. NID consists of three musicians which are all top level soloists graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Together they have made unique contributions to the development of Swedish traditional folk music by exploring new ways of ensemble playing, bringing out the more subtle aspects of traditional playing style in an entirely new context. Their work can be regarded culturally significant comparable with top level performers within e.g. modern art music, jazz or classical music.
Sven Ahlbäck (PhD, Associate Professor in folk music, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden)

[...] But they are ultimately their own masters. They show an astute understanding of regional folk music, with a particular focus on Värmland and Bohuslän, but they are not chained to the past and are willful in their reinterpretation of the old tunes. They freely mix in the jazz and classical idioms they all have training in, while never remaining true to the folk music, never becoming a fusion. Each tune offers a surprise, be it an unexpected sense of drama or a sudden flight of whimsy. This is all brilliantly expressed in their austere reading of Norwegian fiddler Hans Brimi's "Gammelhussin," where the fiddle and percussion don't so much take alternate lines of the tune as hurl them at one another, each challenging the other to take chances. They follow this with a warm romantic interpretation of the Brimi march "Nävårsetermarsjen" that starts as a slow fiddle solo and then evolves bit by bit into a raucous turn on the American fiddle tune "Blackberry Blossom," punctuated by a brief animated line from "Amazing Grace." [...] CF, Rootsworld

This is wonderfully intelligent music. Just fiddle, soprano sax and percussion, from Mia Gustafsson, Hanna Wiskari and Gjallarhorn’s Petter Berndalen. As has become increasingly apparent in today’s Swedish roots music, the silky roundness of the soprano sax and the friction of the fiddle complement one another excellently, and Gustafsson and Wiskari are masters of those instruments, tracking in unison, harmony or diverging melodic lines with quick response and tremendous empathy. [...] 2007 Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

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