MP3 - Groovy music from the west

MP3 enters the stage with a groove and energy that can move mountains. After more than twelve years as a group they can hardly be called newcomers any more, but they are rather counted among the most asteemed groups that play Swedish traditonal music.mp3 05

The bubbling and vigorous music from the west part of Sweden is their hallmark. Their tunes have one foot deeply rooted in the traditional sound, and the other one is always pitter-pattering around among other genres and expressions, creating the playful MP3-sound. Greatly loved by both audiences and dancers, they have toured a lot in Sweden and abroad. All three musicians are also educated teachers, who work at different music colleges and other institutions teaching traditional Swedish music.

They have released three albums which you can find in the webshop; ”Mattias Pérez Trio - MP3” (2007), ”Dansa! Dansa!” (2012) and "Guldvingen" (2016).

MP3 are:

Mattias Pérez, guitar
Nina Pérez, fiddle and viola d'amore
Mia Marine, five string fiddle and song

For booking, or other information about MP3, contact Mia Marine.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone: +46 (0) 70 248 96 36

Press reviews:

”[...] so fresh, virtuosic, exquisitely subtle, powerful...and danceable. [...] Their trio is nigh-telepathic –a wondrous combination of precision and seizing-the-moment. ”
 Doug Spencer, The Weekend Planet, ABC radio

[...] it’s not what they play, but how they play and interact with each other that make Mattias Pérez Trio an ear opening and unique traditional band.”
Bengt Eriksson, Ystads Allehanda

Guitar is becoming increasingly common in Swedish traditional music, and Mattias is definitely one of the best players. [...] Together with fiddlers Nina Anderberg and Mia Gustafsson he has founded a trio, and they really sound unbelievably good. The music is full of drive, variation and wonderful sentimentality.” Po Tidholm, Dagens Nyheter

” The three musicians are committed to both respecting their heritage and renewing traditional music. They do it with great awareness and technical skill. [...] Nina and Mia drive the music with an irresistably tight and personal musicianship that impresses.” Gunder Wåhlberg, Lira

”Finally! MP3 have released their first album. During the last years they have charmed audiences and many dancers, and now they bring us a list of tunes with roots in the west part of Sweden. [...] The amazing second voices are what really stands out, and they lift the polskas to unimaginable hights. Simply said, here we have three musicians doing what they do best. They deliver the traditional music with drive and brilliance.” Lovisa Eriksson, Nya Värmlandstidningen

Pérez is a key player in the new Swedish fretted-strings development. [...] In MP3 he’s joined by fiddlers Mia Gustafsson (of the excellent Ni:d), and Nina Anderberg, and they play a powerful, intricate set of Swedish and Norwegian tunes. ” Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

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